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Four reasons for "EMBROIDERY!"

The debate between embroidery and screen printing can last for ages. In fact, it has. There are particular times and situations when you want to go with embroidery over everything else. Here are the facts, Jack.

Cleaner look. When looking for a logo that will last and look crisp, always choose embroidery. Two of the reasons people choose screen printing is because it is cheaper and easier to blend colors. However, when looking for a more professional look, nothing beats embroidery.

Lasts longer. When I wash my clothes, it only takes a couple of cycles before my screen printed shirts fade. An embroidered logo retains its color much longer and will not fray like many of the screen printed shirts will. The reason is because it is stitched onto a shirt, product, item, etc. by a high-powered sewing machine.

More colors? No worries. Whether you need to use 1 color or 15 colors on your logoed item, fear not. Embroidery charges are based on a stitch count, meaning the size and detail of the logo will be the basis for the price. So feel free to color away!

Textured surfaces. In order to screen print an item it must have a smooth surface to place the logo on. This can be good for t-shirts, bags, cups, mugs, hats, etc. But let’s say I want a polo shirt or a jacket. Can I screen print on these items? The answer is no, unless the polo is a t-shirt material. The reason I am so polar on this topic is because you could very well try to screen print on these items and heck, it may even turn out nice, but when you use the item for only a short period of time, the logo will wear and you will start noticing missing parts from where the logo has come off. When deciding between embroidery and screen printing on a textured surface, always choose the former.

If these reasons are ringing a bell, you will want to stick to embroidery for your company’s next softball game and little Jack’s new Karate bag.

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