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New Embroidery Technology

On Feb. 8, Swedish company Coloreel will unveil and demonstrate Embroline, its unique thread coloring attachment for the embroidery industry. The live demo will take place at Avantex Paris, a trade fair dedicated to high technology for the fashion industry.

The Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant coloring of textile thread while the thread is being used in textile production. The first product to be launched based on this technology is Embroline, a groundbreaking thread coloring attachment for embroidery machines.

Embroline is a unique, standalone thread coloring unit that easily can be used with practically any embroidery machine without any modifications. By instantly coloring an Embroline base thread during embroidery production, Embroline enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colors. color changes on the thread can be made rapidly, from one solid color to another or gradually, to make smooth transitions or any coloring effect you can imagine.

“This opens up an entirely new world for designers, embroidery manufacturers and apparel customers,” says Joakim Staberg, the founder of Coloreel and the inventor of the technology.

The Embroline attachment offers a solution to some of the greatest challenges in the embroidery industry. Requiring only one reel of thread per embroidery head, Embroline will bring the industry to a new level. The technology could eliminate the challenging handling of a large stock of thread reels and the tedious rethreading of the embroidery machines. Embroline provides the embroidery market with a versatile solution to increase production, profits and growth.

The benefits of Embroline are immense. Embroidery manufacturers will always have exactly the right color available when they need it. The only materials required are the Embroline base thread and ink cartridges. No spool replacement means minimal wastage. The reduced need for thread cuts means a minimum of lockstitches on the back of the textile and a higher embroidery quality along with increased production speed.

“In addition, Embroline contributes to a more sustainable embroidery process,” says Staberg. Most of today’s thread coloring processes are quite resource intensive. With Embroline, the embroidery manufacturers only color exactly the amount of thread they need for each order. Thus, no thread waste and no dye disposed into wastewater.

“The interest is overwhelming. We have already been contacted by some of the world’s largest apparel companies and high-end fashion brands,” says Bjarne Hammer, CEO of Coloreel. “And remember, embroidery is only the first step for us.”

  1. This hoodie is great for those chilly winter days. I love the WooNinja!

  2. I bought this thinking it was a nice green colour, apparently it GREY! I’m colour blind so I don’t care but my girlfriend says grey makes me look fat

    • I totally agree with Stuart!

      • Thank you guys for your kind words!

    • Yeah great, that’s true!

  3. You only get the picture, not the person holding it, something they don’t mention in the description, now I’ve got to find my own person

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